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The Olsen Gallery - Miami

Jane Olsen Tasciotti's award winning photo-digital prints and paintings are on display at her Olsen Gallery in Miami, Florida.  Here you can view Jane's art, purchase her prints and originals, and get to know Jane personally.  Prices for prints begin at $20. The Olsen Gallery is located at 8240 NW 52nd Terrace Miami, Florida 33166.  Hours are 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.  (305) 599-9937.  If you'd like to meet Jane personally, it's best to contact her beforehand as occasionally she is not the premises.

Watch Jane Paint

Jane, the illustrator

Jane Olsen Tasciotti offers high quality architectural and interior renderings, hand drawn in perfect perspective. Jane can help with visualization, when you are designing a home, condominium or store from scratch, or, doing a small remodel to one room. If you need help selling an empty home, one of Jane's interior renderings will show off the home's beautiful possibilities. Whether quick concept sketches, or drawings with ultimate realism and detail, she has a style for every budget.

Design professionals, interior designer and architects call Jane Tasciotti "one of the finest concept artists in America".

Jane also provides illustrations for children's books, cookbooks, book covers, newspaper editorials and collectible tins. Her award-winning photo-digital prints and paintings are for sale and can be viewed at her Olsen Gallery of Art in Miami, Florida.

She accepts commissions for portraits: people, pets, boats, cars, planes.

Jane's story

My grandfather loved to draw.  He loved to illustrate poetry and give it to his friends.  His greatest dream was to study art and become a commercial artist.  His parents said no, and he never got the chance to reach his potential.  I feel that my work honors my grandfather, his dreams, and my family heritage.     

I knew I was going to be an artist when I was five.  I was dubbed "the best drawer in the first grade" and the "most artistic" in high school.  Every Saturday from the age of ten I was taking art lessons.  I took lessons at the Cleveland Art Museum and while in high school at the Cleveland Art Institute.  I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University with a major in illustration.  

Much of my life has been spent in advertising and interior design.  I have been an art director at four ad agencies, have taught art in public schools and in private lessons.  My associates have called my renderings for the design trade among the finest in America.

I am happiest when I am creating something new.  I work in a variety of media.  I can draw and paint very realistically, but I am also excited by taking photographs and working digital magic, to create a unique simplified pop style.  Sometimes the digital piece is the finished product and sometimes I use it as an inspiration for a pencil drawing or larger acrylic piece on canvas.  I am - and I have always been - an artist.


Most of our artwork includes the cost of shipping.  You pay nothing extra.  We ship larger items in protective art tubes, charging only our cost for the tube and UPS ground - $24.00 total.  Original artwork on stretched canvas requires special shipping.  Please call us to discuss.